Incredibly Easy Kiwi Strawberry Sorbet

3 Mar

In an overzealous fit of healthy eating, I bought a huge box of kiwi at Costco last week.

I made it through about half of them, but then I just COULD NOT eat any more.

I’m Italian and Jewish, so someone leaving my home hungry is the only thing I fear more than food going to waste.

Lucky for me, the internets supplied me with an incredibly easy recipe for kiwi sorbet.

First, I cut off the fuzzy skins and cut the kiwi into chunks.

I froze the kiwi for a few hours while I ran errands.

I also had leftover frozen strawberries, which would nicely offset the tartness of the kiwi (and that’s why there is kiwi-strawberry flavored everything).

I threw the frozen fruit into the food processor, added 1/2 cup of superfine sugar, and gave it a whirl until it reached a pasty kind of consistency. Then I added a little cold water and mixed it up until the consistency became more creamy and sorbet-like.

Confession: That picture is a total fake.  There is way too much fruit in there for the processor to function.  I did try to process all of this for like a second, and since it didn’t work, I took all the kiwi out and processed up the strawberries first.  Then I dumped the strawberries into a bowl, and processed up the kiwi.  I put about 1/2 a cup of sugar in each batch, so the total amount of sugar used was about 1 cup of superfine sugar.

Because the strawberries and kiwi were processed separately, the result was a neat blended coloring.

I then returned the sorbet to the freezer until it was time for dessert.

The result was surprisingly good, and I would imagine you could do this with any fruit..  Because I didn’t use an ice cream machine, I expected the texture to be a flop, but it was not.  It was truly like sorbet, was perfectly sweet (without being overly so), and was delicious and flavorful.


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