A Visit to Phipps on a Cold Snowy Day

4 Mar

One of the best things about living in the city is that visiting a museum, park, or any of Pittsburgh’s many other wonderful places is that it’s not a big production.  We can decide to go to a museum and be there in ten minutes. We don’t have to pack up the whole car and take a long drive.  This also means that we can keep our outings short (an hour or two is more than enough to tire Baby Beez out), and not feel like we went through a lot of hassle for only a short activity.

Today was the last day of Phipps Conservatory’s Orchid and Bonsai tree show, and it was also the last day they’re running the train (they’re packing it up for the Spring Flower Show, but it will be back out for the next Fall Flower Show).

The orchids are my favorite flowers at Phipps, and the Conservatory was just brimming with them in whites, purples, yellows and greens.  Baby Beez loved them too.  She kept pointing to flowers and yelling “WOW!”

Phipps is so beautiful that even a no hope point and click picture snapper like me can come home with beautiful photographs.

I missed the Longfellows exhibition a few years ago, and was thrilled to see they’ve incorporated some of the pieces into the permanent collection.

There’s a little kids toy market in one of the rooms.  Baby Beez enjoyed filling up her cart with apples and pears and apples and apples and apples.  As she tossed each one in the cart, she exclaimed “APPLE!”

After about an hour at Phipps we were all thoroughly beat.  It didn’t help that the whole family is battling colds right now, and we inconveniently planned this outing right smack in the middle of Baby Beez’s usual 10:30-2:30 nap. (Yes, she usually naps 4 straight hours on the weekends….which is just absurd. So if we ever want to leave the house, we often have to shake up her schedule.)  We had a lovely time, and Baby Beez took a long, sound nap when we returned home.


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