You don’t have to be Mormon to like Mikarose

4 Mar

I just discovered Mikarose through a Mormon friend of mine on Pinterest.  Being Jewish and not living in Utah, I’m not in the know about the latest Mormon fashions…so if you’re LDS, this is probably old news.  Mikarose is a company that strives to update modest fashions.  Its clothing is considerably cuter than the word “modest” would suggest.

My favorites are the “Anne” dress…

As well as the “Bailey”

I am constantly frustrated by ideeli, Hautelook, etc etc etc, because almost every dress I like is either sleeveless or too short or too low cut.  None of those traits are acceptable for the office.  Mikarose’s dresses suffer from none of those shortfalls, are very reasonably priced, and are available in a number of colors.


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    […] and he got me a Coach handbag. I won out this year for sure.  Mr. Beez also got me the lovely “Anne” dress by Mikarose (yes, I am calling it my “Mormon dress.”)  We’re going out to dinner tonight, […]

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