Happy Purim

8 Mar

I SWEAR I have other things to say and share other than pictures of my kid ALL the darn time.  This has just been a week where she has been extra-cute. I can’t help myself.

But even I, as her mother, am getting tired of post after post after post of kid pictures. I swear I have some ideas in the hopper for posts that are not all about the kid.  So bear with me here 🙂

Last night was the Purimspiel at our Synagogue.  Every year they do a themed retelling of the Purim story, and this year was a Michael Jackson theme.  It’s always a lot of fun, and there are tons of kids in cute costumes.  Baby Beez was dressed as a flower!

I understand she’s a toddler and toddlers are active, but this kid DID NOT SIT STILL FOR A MINUTE.  I left poor Mr. Beez sitting by himself, while I spent the whole time chasing after this little critter as she dashed through the sanctuary, the lobby, and the hallways.  This, my friends, is why we only go to Tot Shabbat right now.  It’s fine for her to run around during the Purimspiel, but it’s not OK during Shabbat Services, and forcing her to sit with me the whole time will result in a whole lot of screaming and misery.  We’ve got another year or so before “sitting still for more than 30 seconds” is likely.

Testing all the groggers.

Purim is one of my most favorite holidays. It’s so fun and cheerful!  My favorite event at the Synagogue every year growing up was the Purim Carnival.  Costumes! Prizes! Cookies! What’s not to like?

What is your favorite holiday or tradition?

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