Well, I survived!

9 Mar

I survived my adventure on local cable tonight.  I’d call it my “television debut,” but I actually got to be in a short interview on local cable when I was in 7th grade.  Does that mean I’m a celebrity now?

I was a little (ok, a lot) out of my league politically.  Chelsa Wagner and Patti Weaver are politicians for a living, so they spend all day thinking and discussing these kinds of issues.

I, too, spend all day thinking about and discussing issues…however the difference is that as a lawyer, and particularly as a litigator,  you are given the starting point and the end goal, and your responsibility is to articulate a method to successfully get your client from point A to point B.

Political discourse, in contrast, is open ended.  You start with point A, but create point B, and you are not necessarily accountable for how to get from A to B.

For me tonight it was a different kind of thinking and a different kind of discussion than I usually engage in.  It was fun to branch out of my zone of comfort and try something new.

I called Mr. Beez right as the show was over.  He promised that I didn’t look like a fool.  He also said that he was proud of me for not making faces or having an outburst toward the Tea Party lady (Patti Weaver).  He let Baby Beez stay up to watch Mama on TV, but apparently she screamed every time I came on screen, and reached toward the TV set with her arms out, begging her TV Mama to pick her up.  Poor confused kid.



2 Responses to “Well, I survived!”

  1. Sandy March 9, 2012 at 10:49 pm #

    I just watched! The Tea Party lady gave me the stabbys with her unsubstantiated conservative talking points. The finance issue is a good example of the non-accountability – it’s all well and good to say “cut funding to schools, I’m a free-marketer” but maybe you feel differently about that when your kid doesn’t get into college because colleges can only afford to accept 45 kids a year.

    You did well! Will you be a regular guest now?

    • BeezusKiddo March 10, 2012 at 7:40 am #

      At the end when we were talking about education, I wanted to say to her “Forget school, we can send the kids out to sweep chimneys. Then we’ll save money on the education budget, kids will learn real life lessons, we have clean chimneys, and everyone in our free market economy flourishes!” But I restrained myself.

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