Warrior (2011)

10 Mar

This film was amazing.

Yes, I know I’ve said that I don’t like sports movies, but Warrior is an exception.  Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton are brothers from a troubled, broken home (their alcoholic father played by Oscar Nominated Nick Nolte), who after years of estrangement find one another in opposite sides of the ring in an international MMA tournament.  The dramatic family story is heartwrenching, but the excitement of the MMA tournament keeps the viewer from being bogged down in heavy emotion.

I took Judo classes for a few years in college, and Mr. Beez and I returned to it for a brief stint after I finished law school.  If I had the time, I’d love to go back to it, but I can’t find time to hop on an elliptical for 30 minutes, much less sweat it out at the dojo.  The power and fury and JOINT LOCKS were exciting and inspiring. Oh the thrill of a perfectly executed joint lock!

Much of Warrior was filmed in Pittsburgh, so it is extra fun to watch it and try to figure out all of the locations.  They did an amazing job with the Petersen Events Center, and fit in a few gorgeous shots of our skyline.

Not only does Tom Hardy have acting chops, this guy got RIPPED for this role.  His neck and shoulder muscles deserved their own film credit.  Of all the performances, I didn’t think Nick Nolte deserved the Oscar nomination.  Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton both gave more compelling performances.  That said, Nolte did do an excellent job.

Go watch this film. For serious.


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