Great Expectations and the Hard Life of a College Student

22 Mar

I’m actually reading Great Expectations. For real.  I’m not lying this time.

It’s a surprisingly fun book. I don’t know what I expected, but the characters are more interesting and the language more colorful than I expected.  I suppose I anticipated the book to be boring and dry, because that’s what I thought of A Tale of Two Cities.  I hated A Tale of Two Cities.  That could be because I read it in 11th grade, and anything a teacher tells you to read in 11th grade is awful and boring and terrible.

I am in two book clubs, and I had back to back book club meetings this week.  In each we reminisced about the difficult life of a college student.  I took all kinds of literature classes in college– classes about Chaucer, Bertolt Brecht, Indo-European Folktales, tons of classes on Children’s literature, Pop Culture, lots and lots and lots of different things. And all I remember about college is that I felt like it was haaard, because I was working and going to school.  Fast forward to now, and I do all that same kind of reading BY CHOICE and on my free time.  I spend the workday reading and thinking and writing, and then I et home and consciously seek out more things to read and think about and write about.  Aside from the utter fun and foolishness of college, I wish I could rewind my life and take all those classes again, so I could appreciate and enjoy reading all kinds of books and writing about them.  I moaned and groaned about writing papers in college, but if I were assigned a book to read and write critically now, it would be the best assignment I could imagine.  Whippersnappers just don’t understand.



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