Friday! Friday! Friday!

23 Mar

Today it is Friday!

As you can probably tell by the wanting quality of my posts, this has been a very very busy week.  I filed an appellate brief today, and that process is always very hectic and draining. When I finally got it all filed around 3:30 today, it felt like SCHOOL’S OUT FOR SUMMER. It is the best feeling.  So, this week I obviously found some time here and there to post, but my brain was too tired to come up with much that was interesting or intelligent.

THE HUNGER GAMES came out today! Except I am probably not going to see it for a little while, because I prefer to see movies without (or at least without many) shrieking tweens.

My weekend will be full of excitement:

1. We met with our tax guy tonight and I cross-examined him about all our credits and deductions.

2. We will be going to dinner at Emiliano’s and going to see Restoration at the Jewish-Israeli Film Festival with the 20s/30s Group from our synagogue.

3. We are finally getting around to getting a quote from a contractor for replacing our drafty old doors.

4. I am finally going to have a few minutes to catch up on some motions and memos I have back-burnered over the last couple weeks (yes, I get excited about this).

5. Mr. Beez and I are spending tonight watching The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, and I am drinking homemade bellinis out of a paper Sesame Street cup left over from Baby Beez’ first birthday party (last summer).  Keepin’ it classy!

6.  I have big hopes to take Baby Beez swimming or to the playground.  I’d say that I have aspirations of making it too the gym, but that might cut into my time eating Cadbury Mini Eggs, so I’m not committing myself to that.

So, peanut gallery, what do you have planned now that it’s FRIDAY, FRIDAY FRIDAY! FUN FUN FUN!


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