Mad Men and Mothering

25 Mar

Section I: Mad Men

Mad Men is starting up again! I missed the entirety of Season 3, and only saw 4 episodes of Season 4, but I have a general idea of what is going on.  Now that I have cable and know what channel and time this show is on, I can actually watch it for real!

Here are my unsolicited thoughts:

1. DOLORES UMBRIDGE is Joan’s mother.

2. I want Peggy’s entire wardrobe.

3. Megan is pointless and I want her to disappear.

4.  I’m glad to see Pete to develop from a whiny twit to an actually interesting character that doesn’t suck.

5. Loving Alison Brie in Community has destroyed any affection I ever had for her as Trudy.

6. I am so glad to see that Joan yearns to return to work.  I’d cry big tears if the writers turned her into a redheaded Betty Draper.

Section II: Thoughts on Defining Oneself

Even though BlogHer’s still several months off, I’ve been perusing attendee profiles (they’re posted publicly, I’m not stalking people) trying to get a feel for what the crowd will be like there.  The usernames are overwhelmingly some variation on “Mommy.”  I feel like a traitor to women to be disheartened that women are defining themselves by their motherhood, but it’s a frustrating trend that these women who have so many different facets to their personality default to identifying themselves with the “Mommy” card.  Maybe it’s because I’ve chosen a career path that I have had to work hard for, and continue having to work hard in every day, that I feel like choosing a role that comes much more easily as my overarching defining characteristic gives short shrift to all that hard work.

This all calls to mind when I was in high school and I constantly went to weekend youth group camps.  More than once we discussed “defining ourselves,” and the ways we identified with each of the different labels that applied to our lives, whether “Jewish,” “American,” “Californian,” etc. etc. etc.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve acquired additional labels, and identified with them differently according to the circumstances. With the labels I carried as a high school kid, there was no comparative judgment over whether I defined myself first as a “Jew” or first as an “American.”  Yet now, I feel like judgment is inevitable if I dare to define myself first as anything other than a mother.

Section III: Gratuitous Photos of Baby Beez

Baby Beez talked with her grandma (my mom) on Skype today as she does nearly every Sunday.  They spend this time mostly singing songs and reading books. Aside from Baby Beez’ inevitable dashes to smash all the keys, it’s a pleasant time for all.

Time to read Brown Bear Brown Bear!

White dog, white dog, WOOF WOOF, what do you see?

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

Good night!





One Response to “Mad Men and Mothering”

  1. Sandy March 26, 2012 at 7:18 am #

    You forgot
    7. The baby who plays Joan’s son is likely going to be scarred for life from the close-up shot of his butt and man-parts.

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