Goodbye Money, Hello Belly.

27 Mar

I might as well just chew on my debit card.  All my money goes right down my gullet.  At least my dining adventures are usually fun and tasty.  This past weekend was less exciting than most, but I have an exceptional week up ahead.

On Saturday Mr. Beez and I went to dinner with our Temple’s 20s/30s group at Emiliano’s Mexican Restaurant.  It was fine for casual Mexican dining, it was in the same class of restaurant as Mexico City or  Gran Agave.  I had the choripollo tacos, which were stuffed with both chorizo and grilled chicken.  They were tasty enough, but ever since tasting the chorizo tacos at the stand outside Reyna’s, nothing else compares.  (Note: I have yet to visit Smoke, Las Palmas Carniceria, or Casa Rasta, so I have lots of tacos to try).

On Sunday, I had an inexplicable urge to give Hokkaido a second try.  Shortly after it opened, we visited on a Tuesday night. It was not a pleasant experience.  The food was stale from being under the heat lamps too long, and it was generally unflavorful.  

Hokkaido has had some favorable reviews on Yelp, so I thought maybe we visited it on an off night.  Nope. It’s just not very good.  It’s all you can eat mall quality stir fry, and grocery store take out quality sushi.  I suspect that the good reviews are due to diners’ eyes getting big at the prospect of eating as much as they want.  For a long time, I had only eaten so-so  sushi- think what you might get from New Dumpling House.  It tasted good and was filling, but was nothing exceptional.  Tasting sushi from Umi, however, ruined me.  The sushi there is divine, and while that meal was a fantastic experience, it made all other sushi seem inferior.  With that basis of comparison, I’m comfortable in saying that I feel no need to return to Hokkaido. (File this away with Taco Bell….. I may return if I overindulge at happy hour and have an intense craving for eating as much low-quality sushi and chicken and broccoli as my stomach can handle.)

Moving on to this week, the dining options are much more exciting!  Mr. Beez and I are celebrating our third anniversary this week, and we will be celebrating with dinner out at Savoy!  I am also looking forward to lunch on Friday with my pal, Christine, at NOLA on the Square! YUM Po’ Boys!  And Sunday, Mr. Beez and I will be brunching at Casbah! You do not even KNOW how much I am looking forward to Braised Lamb & Eggs!


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