A lovely day of celebration

30 Mar

Mr. Beez and I have fun getting one another traditional anniversary gifts.  The traditional gift for the third anniversary is leather–I got him nice dress shoes, and he got me a Coach handbag. I won out this year for sure.  Mr. Beez also got me the lovely “Anne” dress by Mikarose (yes, I am calling it my “Mormon dress.”)  We’re going out to dinner tonight, but having frozen pizza for dinner on our anniversary night would have felt pathetic. We got carry out from Bangkok Balcony instead.  Yummmm pumpkin curry!

Mr. Beez also got me roses. He’s a keeper!

Thursday afternoon, a number of Duquesne Law School students had to suffer through my inane ramblings.  Every year the bar association’s Young Lawyers Division does a panel discussion for each of the law schools, where we give all sorts of “advice” about taking the bar exam.  I put advice in quotation marks, because my function is mostly to show up and tell about my bar exam experiences, so the students know what not to do (i.e. do not be a stressball maniac. I still passed though, so that’s something).  None of the law students ran out screaming, so I didn’t quite do my job.  Next year I’ll work harder and prepare more.  A bar exam talk is only successful if someone is in tears.

Since I had to make the hike up to Duquesne (all of like 10 minutes), a stop at Jamba Juice was in order.  Sustenance is necessary for such a trek.

I’m pretty sure that the Jamba Juice at Duq is the only one in the Pittsburgh metro area.  It was only put in about 2 years ago.  Before it opened, Jamba Juice was this magnificent delicacy that I would greedily seek out when visiting more sophisticated cities like DC or Los Angeles.  Now that we have one within walking distance, the novelty has evaporated and I’m too lazy for the walk anyway.  It’s not like there is any shortage of smoothie opportunities close by…I could get pretty much the same smoothie at MixStirs two blocks away.  However, since I was in the neighborhood anyway, a Jamba Juice excursion seemed like a wise idea.  It was. I had the Pomegranate Paradise, and it was tasty.


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