Change of Plans

31 Mar

We planned to go to Savoy for our anniversary dinner last night.  When we got there, it was PACKED to the gills. People were waiting 3 deep at the bar, there were people spilling out to the entryway, the crowd was a steady roar and we couldn’t hear our own conversation.  The hostess explained that the NSBE convention is going on, that Savoy is a favorite of the convention attendees, and that it’s not usually this crazy and crowded.  We had a reservation, and they did quickly get a table for us.  We decided though that it was much to crowded and loud for the atmosphere we wanted for our anniversary dinner, so we chose to go elsewhere.  This is not a criticism of Savoy whatsoever.  When we told the hostess she could give our table to someone else, she was very apologetic (although I see no reason to be apologetic! I really didn’t see this as any kind of failure on anyone’s part.)  I do plan on going back soon and trying it out.  It was just much too crowded and loud for what we wanted that evening.

We traveled down the road to Nine on Nine.  The dining room was completely full, but there was an open high-top table at the bar, that was perfect for us!  I’ve been to Nine on Nine for lunch or for drinks, but I’ve never had dinner there, and Mr. Beez has never been there at all, so it was more or less a new dining experience for us.

Our server was extremely friendly, attentive, and fun to chat with.  Mr. Beez had the Brooklyn Lager beer (he said it was tasty), and I had the tangy and refreshing White Grapefruit Martini.  When the server heard that we were celebrating our anniversary, he also brought us complementary glasses of champagne! How sweet!

We ordered the charcuterie plate for our appetizer. It was [insert synonym for delicious, I’m failing at vocabulary this morning].  For us, biting into the savory sliced meats atop buttered bread was a fond reminder of our honeymoon breakfasts in Barcelona.  The platter was generous, but we greedily devoured every bite.

For our entrees, Mr. Beez ordered the aged steak and I ordered the rack of boar.  Both were amazing.  We did sample each other’s entrees, and if I had it my way, I would have eaten full plates of both! They were both indescribably good! (not that they can’t be described, I just haven’t had any coffee this morning, so can’t describe them. They were good good  good good. How’s that?)

Nine on Nine’s prices are what I consider “special occasion” prices, so we likely won’t return for an impromptu weeknight dinner.  However, we will be certain to return to celebrate special occasions in the future.  The service was fantastic, the food was divine, and we had a lovely evening.



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