Casbah, Tosca, and Bustin’ a Move

1 Apr

1. I hate April Fool’s Day.

That is not a joke, I seriously hate April Fools Day.  I have the misfortune of trusting my friends and family that they wouldn’t lie to me about pointless things, for the sole purpose of laughing at me when I actually believe them.  I am gullible, I know that. I am gullible because I foolishly expect that people would not laugh at the expense of others.  I can’t wait to get to April 2.

2. Brunch today at Casbah was Amazing.

I’ve been to Casbah for dinner before and was very pleased, but brunch is where Casbah truly shines.  They offer a price fixe menu, which includes a cocktail (sangria, bloody mary, mimosa, or salty dog), a generously sized appetizer, and your choice of an entree from a truly impressive list, for a total of $24 per person.  Brunch is the same fining dining quality as their dinner, but at a very reasonable price.

Mr. Beez had the sangria, and I had a Salty Dog. Tasty!

Mr. Beez picked the scallops entree and loved it.

I had the braised lamb and eggs, and it was like everything I love about eggs benedict, but better.

Casbah for sure has one of the best brunches in the city.  A few people were wearing jeans, but fancier attire is more appropriate.  It’s a perfect choice for a classy morning out.

3. Time for Tosca

Having brunch before going to the Opera was poor planning on our part.  We were stuffed and tired.  Tosca was of course beautifully done.  I did see it when the Pittsburgh Opera last put it on in 2006, but I remember there being more action and energy in the last production.  That recollection could be tinted by my excitement of seeing one of my favorite operas on stage for the first time, and my previous viewing not being under the haze of a decadent brunch.

I have really enjoyed the advertising campaign that MARC USA put together for the Pittsburgh Opera this year.  They designed a poster for each opera featuring a prominent Pittsburgh dressed as the man character of the opera.  The Tosca poster features Pitt Women’s Basketball Coach Agnus Berenato as Floria Tosca (I had no idea it was her until I read it in the program!)  It’s been fascinating to see these transformations on the opera posters, and I was sad to see that next year’s posters are taking a different route.

4. Baby Beez Busts a Move.



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