Good Friday

6 Apr

I’ve been looking forward to today for months!  When you bill hours, you don’t usually get days “off”–weekend, vacation day, workday, whatever, you have deadlines and tasks, and you have to get things done.  I’ve managed to get things arranged that I can take today totally off from work, and use the rest of the weekend like I usually do- catching up on laundry, work, etc. I have a couple of reply briefs to write, but I can take care of them on Saturday and Sunday. It’s just nice to have an extra day in the weekend to actually use like a weekend day, because the rest of the weekend is always so crazy.

I’ve spent this morning getting the brisket ready for Passover.  My mom insists that it’s best to make the brisket a day early, and she does know how to make a good brisket, so I’m listening to her.  We’re having a small seder at Mr. Beez’ parents house tomorrow, and I’ll be spending the day making a sweet potato souffle and baked asparagus with balsalmic glaze and roasted brussels sprouts anyway, so it’s a good idea for me to get the brisket done today.

In celebration of my day of not-working, I also redboxed a couple movies– My Week with Marilyn and A Dangerous Method.  I love this time of year– all of the big Oscar winners are coming out on video, so there’s no shortage of things I want to watch.  I’ll be sad come summertime when all the good movies are in the theaters, and I’ve already seen everything I have wanted to see on video.

Baby Beez has been very excited about coloring lately.  Mr. Beez has not been as excited, because she likes coloring on tables, walls, anything she can possibly find.  Even more frustrating to him is that I’m one of those obnoxious hands-off parents, that’s like “What, you want to color on the wall? Go ahead, I’ll wash it off later.”  That doesn’t fly with him.

Are you working today? Do you have any adventures planned?


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