Sugar Cafe

9 Apr

I’ve had a Groupon from Sugar Cafe burning a hole in my wallet for a while.  Baby Beez is at that age where the thought of taking her to a restaurant, even a casual one, makes eating glass seem appealing in comparison.  She is full of energy! Energy to RUN! Energy to DANCE! Energy to JUMP! And she will not be held back at some puny table!   Actually she will be held back, because we strap her into a high chair. Then she screams. And the whole experience totally sucks.

I was very pleased to learn that (1) Sugar Cafe was open on Easter Sunday…when although we did have family dinner plans, we did not have lunch figured out, and (2) Sugar Cafe was more than happy to let me use my Groupon on a carry out order. YESSSS.

So this picture of Sugar Cafe’s charming storefront is taken at an angle, because even though everyone has camera phones, and taking pictures of everything is commonplace nowadays, I still get sheepish about being obvious with my photo taking.  The interior is bright and welcoming.  There were few diners there at the time, probably because it was Easter Sunday.  Being in close proximity to the T and Dormont’s business district, I could see the cafe quickly filling up for lunch and breakfast.

Sugar Cafe brews delicious Intelligentsia coffee, and the baristas have won some kind of award or other.  When I was there, there was a barista taking great pains to draw an image in latte foam with a toothpick.  I opted for a regular drip coffee, which was tasty and well needed.  Even though I’d been up for several hours already, that time was spent dozing on the couch while Baby Beez watched Sesame Street.  I was in dire need of caffeine.

I picked the grilled eggplant sandwich.  It was hearty and flavorful.  I liked that the eggplant was large slices and the tomatoes were quartered (instead of sliced), so it gave the sandwich a substantial, meaty quality.  The arugula was grilled within the sandwich, which made it stringy.  I think I would have preferred the sandwich to be split open and the arugula added afterward, but that would only be a minor change.  It was generally a delicious lunch.  Mr. Beez had the turkey sandwich, and he was very pleased that the sandwich contained substantial chunks of meat.  He heartily enjoyed it.

Mr. Beez had the vanilla cupcake, and I had the baked apple one.  The cake was dense (but not overly so), and more cake-y than several other local cupcake purveyors.  The frosting was also more dense and creamy than the usual whipped frosting.  It was tasty but unexpected.  The scones, biscuits, and cakes all looked delicious.

Being a lazy city dweller, with so many delicious bakeries and restaurants so close by, I will probably not make a special trip back to Dormont soon only for Sugar Cafe.  (Mark of a true Pittsburgher: refusing to cross rivers.  I’m sure you suburb dwellers think I’m nuts0.)  If I happen to be out in the South Hills, though, I’ll be sure to stop by.  I know that if I were a regular at the Dormont T Station, I’d be stopping in regularly.


2 Responses to “Sugar Cafe”

  1. Erin April 9, 2012 at 9:16 am #

    I live within walking distance of that place, but was so unimpressed with their cupcakes when they first opened that I have not been tempted to return. Not even when I walk past it to catch the T! Vanilla Pastry Studio has my palate under lock and key.

    However, your eggplant sandwich sounds good enough to get me to give them another chance!

    (I live in the town next to Dormont, which is actually still considered the city and is a far cry from the suburbs, in all the worst ways! We’re trying to move to the other side of the river though!)

    • BeezusKiddo April 9, 2012 at 12:02 pm #

      I agree that Vanilla has Sugar beat in the cupcake department, but the sandwich was good and the other baked goods looked tasty. I think it’s worth giving the cafe another try. They had a cinnamon coffee cake muffin that looked delicious.

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