Wigle Wigle Wigle Wigle Wigle (Whiskey) YEAH

15 Apr

First off, is Wigle like Wiggle, not like Why-gle.  Wigle Whisky is Pittsburgh’s new and only whisky distillery, located in the Strip District.  They offer tours, and Mr. Beez and I, with our friends Christine and Trav, just couldn’t wait to sign up!

BUT we certainly could not tour a distillery on an empty stomach, so a quick to Reyna’s for chorizo and carnitas tacos was in order.


We chowed down on our stroll over to the distillery.

Wigle Whiskey is named for Phillip Wigle, a leader of the Whiskey Rebellion.  The distillery tour includes an education on the Whiskey Rebellion, plus an introduction to the art of distilling

The clever ceiling of the Wigle Whiskey shop.

The tour begins with a delicious sampling of whiskey cocktails.  They well know that a quick way to win my praise is to feed me whiskey drinks at noon.

The fancy distilling equipment.

The tour ends with a sampling of wheat and rye whiskey.  They both taste like whiskey to me.

As a souvenir, we took home a bottle of the wheat whiskey.  I can’t wait to try out some fancy cocktails recipes!

Afterward, we wandered over to the Pittsburgh Public Market for some snacks.

Hello, Soup Nancys. Yes I WOULD like to sample your wares.

I had the Cream of Brie soup. Yes, cream of BRIE.  It was rich and tasty.  It tasted somewhat like cream of mushroom, sufficiently salty but not mushroomy (that probably makes no sense).  I am glad I got a small cup.  It was very rich, but not TOO rich.  So, so tasty.

I love you, Strip District.


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