A Proper Pixburgh Weekend

22 Apr

Part of Pittsburgh’s provincial charm is the distinct neighborhoods with their unique personalities. The downside of these neighborhoods is that you can get pretty much whatever you need within a 1 mile radius of your house. It takes a special effort for me to venture beyond Squirrel Hill, not because I don’t want to go other places, but if I can get what I need close by, why bother going further.

On Saturday, Mr. Beez and I attended a potluck dinner with our Temple’s Interfaith Group, and we were signed up to bring dessert. I planned on rolling down the hill to pick up a cake at Costco, but then realized I hadn’t shown my face in Bloomfield for a while. A small trip was in order.

Baby Beez and I trekked to Paddy Cake in Bloomfield to pick up a delicious cake.

Paddy Cake has the feel and the customer service of a friendly small town bakery. It feels frozen in time– there is no marketing, no gimmicks, just reliably tasty baked goods. There’s something about desserts from a bakery that just tastes better than grocery store baked goods. Maybe bakery wares are more fresh, or maybe it’s just mental and I think they taste better because I am happy about supporting a Mom & Pop business. It doesn’t much matter. Cake is good.

Baby Beez was in awe of all the treats. She snakced on a peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, and walked back and forth along the cases, pointing at everything and saying “OOOOOOH!”

We picked out a strawberry buttercream cake that was a huge hit at the dinner. I wanted to take a picture of it, but it was devoured before I had a chance to point and click.

On Sunday, we ventured to PNC Park for the $1 special day– $1 tickets, $1 hot dogs, and free hats for the kids. The game was sparsely attended because the tragedy of a Pens game was going on at the same time.

We started the visit out with a trip to the kids play area.

Baby Beez loves the slide, but needs some help remembering that you go FEET first (not head first).

Right after this picture, Baby Beez faceplanted on the steps of the play area. Now she has a fat purple bruise on her right cheek.

And her terrible parents placated her with french fries.

This was supposed to be our charming family photo, but Baby Beez was having none of it.

It was pretty cold, and a toddler has limited patience, so we only made it through to the Pierogi Race (Chester Cheese won, btw). It was a fun afternoon, and I’m glad we went. I got to stuff my face with BBQ wings, so that’s always a good time.


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