BlogHer ’12: Agenda

24 Apr


I am the MOST IMPATIENT person in the history of the universe.  The barebones BlogHer agenda was published a while ago, but it has taken ages for them to post the full panel descriptions.  FINALLY they were posted last week, and I greedily picked through them.  In most sessions, there is more than one panel that I’d love to attend.  Unfortunately, Hermione stole my time turner, so I can only pick one panel per session. 

There is one panel that covers legal issues.  I thought it would be good for me to attend and see what they’re teaching, but since I’m capable of teaching that session, I’d probably end up whiny and hypercritical, so I’m going to give that one a pass.

Here are the sessions I am looking forward to attending:

  The Visual | iPhoneography

The best camera is the one you have with you. And as camera quality on smartphones has become sharply competitive with point-and-shoots, they have become the primary equipment for many photographers. In this session, you will learn about the best smartphone apps out there for shooting, editing and sharing your videos and photographs. With Elan Morgan, Stacy Jill Calvert, and Stephanie Roberts.


The Personal | Blogging the Fine Line Between Your Identity and the Issues

Do you have competing interests online? Are you torn between passion and pragmatism, between the urge to express and activate on the one hand, and the fear of reprisal or fallout on the other? Bloggers often must manage the intersection of personal, business, and political while managing digital lives and businesses. Do you think you need to shy away from your perspectives on political and controversial cultural topics in order to maintain broad appeal among your readers, prospective clients/sponsors, or your peers–or do you feel the opposite: that who you are is everything you are? Cynthia Samuels moderates a conversation with some fine line-walkers: Deb Rox, Faiqua Kahn, and Kelly Wickham.


The Professional – Beginner | Leveraging Facebook, Twitter, and StumbleUpon

Having gotten the general overview from the “Ten Things You Can Do Right Now to Maximize your Social Media Expertise” session, the next two sessions are designed to dig deeper into some of the highest-profile social tools. Facebook and Twitter each offer bloggers important opportunities to share content, grow community and build an online network. Our expert panel will show you how to use social media to increase traffic and engagement, as well as engage with brands and your audience. Different approaches click differently on Facebook vs. Twitter and understanding those differences will help you get more out of your efforts there. These panelists work with these tools every day, and it’s their job to understand the nuances…and share them with you! With Diane Lang, Leticia Barr, and Nelly Yusupova.


The Writing | Turning Your Blog Posts into Publishable Essays

Blog posts are often essays (mini- or otherwise), but many bloggers need help in making the leap from a self-published blog post to an essay that an editor will want to print. How does the publishable essay differ from a blog post? In this session, moderated by Rita Arens and featuring Jennifer Armstrong and Susan Goldberg, you’ll learn how personal essays are typically structured, including how to craft a great opening paragraph and keep the story engaging ‘til the bitter end. Learn some of the behind-the-scenes processes of choosing and editing pieces for anthologies, and how to apply those strategies to the editing your own work for submission.


The Technical | Avoid Analytics Overload: Google Analytics Tips

Google Analytics is a great tool for both new and veteran bloggers to really understand what people like about your site, as well as what is less engaging. However, most bloggers find it overwhelming just trying to set up an Analytics account, let alone interpreting the loads of web traffic stats that Google Analytics provides. This session will give you a guided tour of the Google Analytics interface (and if you don’t already have Google Analytics set up on your blog, we’ll show you how)–so you be able to learn how to set up simple and useful reports in Google Analytics, like page views and mobile traffic, and also go a bit deeper, showing you features like the Annotations Tool and the new “Real Time” view, to maximize your great content and bring in new traffic. With Andrew Wilder and Keidra Chaney.

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