Summer of Irresponsibility. (Not gonna happen)

1 May

I feel very out of sorts today because my wedding rings are at the jeweler’s for the next two weeks, getting a tune up. So my left hand is ringless, and I feel like everyone is going to notice and speculate all kinds of drama. Except there is no drama, my rings are just getting re-dipped (they are white gold).  I’m going to spend the next 2 weeks worried about what other people are thinking. In reality, no one will probably notice anyway, and I’m worried about nothing.

Now to the topic at hand, every year I come down with this spring fever to be irresponsible. I long to spend a summer full of weekday evenings sipping frozen cosmo’s on the patio of the Harris Grill until the wee hours of the morning, with no cares and no responsibilities.

In reality, I spend my summer weekday evenings on the couch, watching TV while doing some work, and occasionally spending an indulgent evening sipping wine on the front porch.  I do not live an exciting life.  I’ve got a job to show up at early in the morning, a little one to entertain, and a husband to drive crazy.  That doesn’t leave much time for re-living my college years.

Yesterday, I learned of the Bunbury Music Festival taking place in July in Nasty ‘Nati.

I don’t think there are enough WORDS for how badly I want to go to this.  Unfortunately, Mr. Beez and I are looking at a summer full of travel and work obligations, and the potential for me going looks slim.  Even if Mr. Beez were interested (he grunted when I brought it up, so I think that means “no”), this is not a toddler welcome event. Well, even if Baby Beez were welcome, she’d pitch fits left and right, and be over-tired, and she would ruin the fun.

I’ve seen Jane’s Addiction twice before, and although I like Weezer, I won’t keel over dead if I can’t make it to one of their shows this year, since they’ve probably got several more years of touring in them. (This is me trying to convince myself that it will be OK if I can’t go).   Minus The Bear is playing an earlier set on Friday. I love them too. (That is not helping me convince myself to give up on this festival.) 

 The real draw for me here is Death Cab, whom I love to the point of listening to them every morning at work. Every morning? That’s kind of ridiculous. The vocal stylings of Ben Gibbard get my brain a-going. Or something.

I’m heartbroken that I probably won’t make it to Bunbury, but the light at the end of this tunnel is that Death Cab will be performing in Pittsburgh on July 13.  Cosmopolitan Pittsburgh is that same night, and a friend of mine is organizing it, so Iplan to attend and support her.  Maybe I’ll split my night and go to Cosmopolitan Pgh for an hour or so, and then trek over to Stage AE for the Death Cab show.  Does that sound insane?

Or maybe I’ll just beg and wheedle and beg some more and eventually wear Mr. Beez down so that he gives his blessing to me disappearing to Cincinnati for 3 days….


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