The Big Apple

12 May

Mr. Beez and I arrived in the Big Apple yesterday, to attend my pal Jen’s wedding reception (which starts in about an hour! Yippee!) and to have a bit of vacation. Baby Beez is staying with her grandparents for the weekend, an while I do miss her a lot, it is nice to travel and not worry about a fussing toddler).

We flew in yesterday morning, which gave us a whole day to hang out in the city. The first order of business was to drop our bags off at our hotel. We took the train/subway from JFK, and all of that went smoothly. The walking directions from the subway to the hotel, however, not so much. The hotel is BRAND new, meaning so new that the address doesn’t exist in google. That meant that although the hotel is only 2.5 blocks from the station, google maps took us on a mile long walking tour of Long Island City. It dropped us off at Moishe’s Self Storage warehouse, a couple blocks from some gritty smokestacks. Recognizing that nothing in that area looked remotely like a hotel, I put on my thinking cap, and we did finally figure out how to get there.

Once the bags were successfully dropped off, we trucked into Manhattan for some eats. We were HUNGRY, and comfort food was in order. We headed to Cafeteria


Cocktails at 11:30 am sounds totally reasonable to me.


Those are Mac and Cheese EGGROLLS, with melted cheese dipping sauce. No further explanation needed.


Spinach eggs Benedict.


Strawberry parfait. EVERYBODY LOVE PARFAIT.

We weren’t sure what to do next, so we wandered for a bit. I spotted La Maison du Macaron, and even though I had just eaten a parfait, decided I absolutely needed macarons (for later of course), or I would die.


I picked out fig & balsamic, apricot something or other, mango, and lavender nougat. They were all delicious, but the lavender & balsamic was the best by far.


Next we hopped on the subway to pay a visit to Rockefeller Center.




We also took a trip to the “Top of the Rock.”







Afterward we walked over to Radio City Music Hall.


We said “yes, that is Radio City Music Hall.” and took a picture.

We went back to the hotel for a rest, because we had a big night up ahead.

Once we were well rested, we trekked back to the city to meet with our friend Anthony for drinks. We went to the Barcelona Bar which was a hole in the wall dive (literally hole in the wall, we passed it once without even seeing it) that was totally fun, and has a totally insane selection.


I had a Flaming Moe!

After drinks, we headed to Per Se for our much awaited culinary adventure! THAT, my friends, deserves its very own post!

2 Responses to “The Big Apple”

  1. Andrew Casalini May 16, 2012 at 10:39 am #

    Great Blog and pictures. Thanks from Denver!

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