My First Blogging Conference! #SoMePgh

18 May

I worked extra hard and extra fast this week to bill as much as possible, so that I could ditch the office today for Visit Pittsburgh’s Tweet, Like & Be Social conference at PNC Park.

I hoped it would be interesting and informative, but it totally surpassed my expectations!  I attended an interesting session about practical tips for being creative and social media content within limits– especially the delicate balance of writing thought-provoking pieces while simultaneously putting forward a good image for your organization.  I also attended a fantastic session led by WordWrite PR about content strategies for engaging your followers.  The day was a great networking day, and I met a ton of enthusiastic, intelligent people!

A lot of people in attendance work in marketing/PR, and although that is not my area of work, I learned a lot about how a variety of businesses use social media to attract clients, even though they are not the kind of business that you traditionally associate with social media.  For example, I attended a session where Coldwell Banker’s local social media maven discussed efforts they have made to engage followers through facebook, and how that has led to real business, even though people don’t really sign onto facebook for the purpose of buying a house.  It made me realized that I don’t have to write a sttictly-speaking “law blog” in order to develop relationships and engage with people online, with the potential of developing future business.  I have to do a better job of linking together my online content with my area of work, but I don’t have to let the subject matter of my work entirely overtake my online presence.

All conference attendees also got to participate in a really cool behind-the-scenes tour of PNC Park! We got to go to the Pirates Clubhouse and tour the locker rooms (we weren’t allowed to take pictures in there. And those baseball players have a RIDICULOUS quantity of hair care products. Why does a baseball player with a helmet on need Aussie hairspray, anyway?)

In the dugout!

I had such an amazing time today, and I’m so inspired to write, write, write! Today’s experience made me even more excited for BlogHer!

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