Restaurants in Pittsburgh to Try!

26 May

The sad news of Gypsy Cafe closing it doors, and a mention in Pittsburgh Magazine that Bona Terra is moving (BUT NO INFORMATION AS TO WHERE!) really struck me that time in the restaurant world is fleeting!  I make my way out to lots of restaurants in the ‘burgh, and make a point of experiencing new places instead of being a “regular” at any particular place (although there are a few favorites I’ll never turn down).  This is my list of bars, restaurants, bakeries, and all other food and drink establishments I’ve yet to try, and really need to get around to visiting:

1.  Smoke Taqueria

2. Hough’s

3. Tin Front Cafe

4. Spoon

5. Verde

6.  Alma

7.  Round Corner Cantina

8.  Pusadee’s Garden

9.  Green Pepper

10.  Coriander

11. Alchemy ‘n’ Ale (closed)

12.  Tazza D’oro (I am ashamed that I’ve never been there)

13. E2

14. Union Pig & Chicken

15.  Food Glorious Food

16.  Cure

17.  Legume

18.  Casa Rasta

19.  Stagioni

20.  Nicky’s Thai Kitchen

21. Smiling Banana Leaf

22. Paris 66

23. Dish Osteria

24.  Starlite Lounge

25.  Dinette

26.  Kaleidoscope Cafe

27. Legends at the North Shore

28. Cafe Zinho

29. Wild Rosemary

30. Royal Caribbean (closed)

31. Cafe du Jour

32. Allegro Hearth Bakery

33. Dudt’s Bakery

34.  Potomac Bakery

35. Tessaro’s (I’ve been here once before, but I was a vegetarian at the time and only had potatoes. I don’t think that counts).

36.  Delanie’s Coffee

37.  Deluca’s Restaurant

What are your Pittsburgh-area favorites? (I’m willing to take a drive for a good meal, so it need not be in the city!) If I haven’t been there, I’ll add it to my list!


2 Responses to “Restaurants in Pittsburgh to Try!”

  1. Sandy May 26, 2012 at 12:58 pm #

    We should go to the zoo and then to Pusadee’s garden some afternoon this summer. You have to make reservations to sit outside is all. We love it there!

    • BeezusKiddo May 26, 2012 at 1:05 pm #

      That sounds like a good plan! the girls would love it!

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