Hot Times, Summer in the City

28 May

This Memorial Day Weekend has been a scorcher! Mr. Beez and I were fools when we were house shopping (ages ago), and bought a house without central air. We thought we’d get it installed right away. Now, on the 5th anniversary of our closing on this house, we still don’t have central air. We have window units in the bedroom and in the den, but that doesn’t help when you need to be elsewhere in the house. Baby Beez doesn’t have an AC unit in her room, so she’s been sleeping in a pack & play in our room. Someday, I swear, we’ll get air installed.

Mr. Beez has been at work all weekend long, so Baby Beez and I have been hanging out. It was HOT, and we decided we needed an ice cream break. We strolled on down to the South Side for some sweet treats at the Milk Shake Factory.


Everyone else must have had the same idea, because the place was bumpin!


I think they remodeled sometime in the last few years. I know I’ve been there before (probably about 7 years ago), and I don’t remember it looking nice like this. It’s got a clean, retro soda fountain feel. I was stuffed with my Toasted Almond Java Chip milkshake, but next time I need to leave some room for chocolates!


Baby Beez enjoying her vanilla ice cream cone.


Afterward Baby Beez and I visited the South Side Works for a splash in the fountain. She is not a shy kid at all, but when we’re in a new place she can sometimes get clingy. She approached the fountain a few times, but didn’t get in like the other kids. We’ll keep visiting over the summer, and I’m sure she’ll be splashing in no time.

The Milk Shake Factory on Urbanspoon


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