Smoke in Homestead (fancy taco joint. YUM.)

31 May

I have a special place in my heart for Reyna’s tacos, but with all the buzz about Smoke in Homestead, and with it just being a short roll down the hill from my house, we had to try it out. Smoke is the taco joint for people who are serious about slow cooked meat. I still like Reyna’s better, because I prefer sour cream, queso fresco, and lime on my tacos. Tacos at Smoke, however, are generously portioned and focus on the meat over the toppings.


The tacos are priced between $4-6. Smoke is cash only, and we actually ha to get more money out of the ATM, because the $30 I brought for this take out dinner for 3 wasn’t enough. Granted Mr. Beez and I each ordered 3 tacos, and we got mac & cheese for the little one, so we got a LOT of food, but it was a little pricier than I had estimated for a taco place. The tacos are large, and 3 tacos each was MUCH more than appropriate for dinner. We should have just gotten 2 each, but we were feeling gluttonous.


I ordered the Wagyu brisket, the pork, and the chorizo. Each of them have a kick of spice. They were a little spicier than I’m used to (I usually order a spice level of “2 out of 10” when there is an option) but not so spicy as to be distracting. The tortillas were homemade and fluffy and delicious. Yummm homemade tortillas. There’s nothing like them. My favorite of the tacos was the pork. Each of the meats had vibrant flavor, but the pork was so succulent and flavorful. Although the Wagyu brisket was full of flavor, it was also a little dry. The chorizo tacos were also delicious. But those other two just didn’t compare to the slow cooked pork.


Smoke is BYOB, and there are tables and a bar area for dining in, but there aren’t that many tables and they’re somewhat awkwardly positioned. With ample on street parking, and plenty of outdoor dining options a short distance away (Schenley Park! Frick Park!) take out is a great option.



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