A Saturday Visit to Highland Park

3 Jun

Baby Beez likes to get me out of bed between 6-7am on weekend mornings. This Saturday was no exception, but by 9am I had grown tired of watching Sesame Street with her, and decided to take an outing. It’s been a while since I did much of anything in Highland Park, I was in desperate need of coffee, and I’d been meaning to check out Tazza D’Oro and Food Glorious Food anyway.

Tazza D’Oro had such a comfortable mix of clientele. There were older well-dressed ladies, caffiene-jittered nerds at typewriters, and those high-strung bike types with their fixed gears. The shop is well equipped for the many bicyclists exploring Highland Park– they sell innertubes for a tire emergencies, and generously offer a huge cooler of water.


My initial plan was only to pick up a cafe au lait, but Baby Beez spotted the baked goods, and was “OOH! OOH! OOH!”-ing for a cookie. So I opted to play fun mom over responsible mom, and we shared a giant chocolate chip cookie at 10am.


Tazza D’Oro is one of those coffee-nerd coffee shops, where they make fancy designs in the latte. I was glad to find that the baristas were friendly, not condescending, and were even chatting with Baby Beez a bit.


After our lovely visit to the coffee house, we strolled around the corner to Food Glorious Food. THIS IS THE BAKERY OF MY DREAMS.


It’s like they took a baking cookbook and decided to make everything in it. It’s a tiny shop, but every inch of counter space is covered with pastries, quiche, foccacia, strata, cookies, cupcakes, and every kind of savory or sweet baked treat you could imagine.


Being recently full on a chocolate chip cookie, Baby Beez and I selected a number of goodies to take home for later. We picked zucchini foccacia, broccoli cheese quiche (Baby Beez gobbled this for lunch before I had a chance to snap a picture), a fruit tart, and a marvelous chocolate cake/mousse cup thing.




Everything was so fresh, and tasted like something baked by a loving grandmother. The variety is just amazing, and I want to go back there every single day until I try everything but i know that just won’t be possible.

Highland Park may just be my new favorite place to visit for a quiet morning outing.


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