Healthy Lunches Dahntahn

5 Jun

Though you wouldn’t know it from the looks of my blog, I am making a concerted effort to eat more healthfully. I almost always pack a lunch from home.  On the rare occasion that I go out for lunch, the temptations of less-than-great-for you food is overwhelming.   Winghart’s Shipwreck Burger, Storms Angel Hair with Farlanese, and NOLA’s shrimp po’ boy  are all going to make me rip my bad-idea-jeans.

I’d like to gather some ideas of relatively healthy places to pick up lunch.  I am a fan of Salad Cafe, which is a few blocks away.  There is an unforgiving review of it on Yelp, but I’ve probably been there 4 times and have never had any complaints.   Penn Avenue Fish Company and Sushi and Rolls each do a nice job of sushi, which is also fairly healthy. 

The persistent TV commercials keep telling me that Subway is a healthy lunch option, but I’m not a Subway fan. It makes my hands smell weird, and no matter how much I scrub, I can’t get that weird sandwich smell out of my hands until it decides to fade on its own. 

So what else is out there?  Where can I pick up a tasty and healthy lunch in dahntahn?


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