Table for One

22 Jun

Baby Beez was up from about 3am-5am, howling like a banshee for no particular reason.  As a result, I’m moving a little slow today.  The hardest part about having a kid and working the type of job I do, is that I’m responsible for everyone.  I’m responsible for myself, my family, my clients.  Sometimes the responsibility gets tiring, and I want to check into a hotel for a night, order room service, and watch hour after hour of Say Yes to the Dress with no one else asking me for anything.

I love going to coffee shops all by myself.  I bring a book and sip a cafe au lait, and even though there are other people around, they leave me blissfully alone.

I love going to the movies with Mr. Beez, but sometimes it’s just nice to go by myself (and eat all the popcorn!)  Movies aren’t much for social activities, so I don’t feel awkward or lonesome on my own.

I know some people like to mosey up to the bar and have drinks on their own, but I’ve never been comfortable with that . I don’t even like to be the first one to show up at the bar.  When I’m meeting friends for happy hour, I make a point of being a couple minutes late, because I don’t like being there by myself.  The same goes for restaurants.  I feel awkward getting a meal on my own.  Sure, it’s less awkward if you can eat at the bar and there’s a TV there, but then I’m so distracted by feeling strange for being on my own, that I don’t really enjoy the food. 

Now I’m dealing with the question of whether I want to go to a concert on my own.  Sure those super-music-types with bookshelves full of vinyl feel perfectly fine showing up at concerts on their own, just to enjoy the music.  For me, though, there is too much downtime in a concert for me to feel comfortable going by myself.  I suppose I could show up late enough to miss the opening acts, and therefore miss a lot of that downtime, but I also don’t want to risk showing up late for the main act.  Even though this is not a band Mr. Beez likes, I will probably beg and beg and beg until he agrees to go. 

So what kind of things do you like to do all on your own? 


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