Hometown Homegrown, hosted by .@GoodTastePgh

24 Jun

Mr. Beez had to work this weekend, so Baby Beez and I had a girls weekend out on the town.  We kicked the weekend off with a visit to GoodTaste Pittsburgh’s Hometown Homegrown event at the Senator John Heinz History Center.

I really liked that the event was at the History Center.  I haven’t had a chance to visit it yet, so I was able to both visit the tasty event, and have a wander around the museum.  We spent most of the time in the museum in the kids area, but did get to see a few of the fantastic exhibits about Pittsburgh’s history.

Mother! Do not abandon me on this antiquated method of public transit!

Hometown Homegrown featured many Pittsburgh area food vendors, handing out samples and showcasing their wares.  I ate lots and lots of tasty treats, while Baby Beez pulled the classic 2 year old shenanigans of demanding a bite, then spitting the food out on me. Awesome.  She did, however, LOVE the cake batter ice cream from Kaleido Cone Creamery and Frownies from King’s.

They even handed out samples of beer to the grown-ups! That’s my kind of event! And yes, the Ahrn City new Amber Lager is pretty good.  It tastes a lot like Yuengling, but hey, who doesn’t like Yuengling?

Schneider’s Dairy was the main sponsor of the event, and they went all out with kids activities.  They had a room of bouncy-cows for kids to bounce on, which Baby Beez LOVED, but was zipping around too fast for me to take a picture.

They also brought some 9 day old calves to visit.  Baby Beez didn’t understand that these cute little creatures were cows, and she kept yelling WOOF! at them.

They had a setup where kids could try to “milk” a fake cow.

The girl working at the exhibit kept pointing to the cow and telling Baby Beez “Moo!,”  Baby Beez repeatedly responded, somewhat confused “COW!”

It was all around a great event for all ages.  I hope to see it come to the History Center again soon!


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