A Weekend in the Wilderness

1 Jul

This weekend, our family took a camping trip with my friend Sandy’s family at Bear Run Campground in Butler County.  We got a “deluxe” cabin, which meant it had a little bathroom, a fridge, and some air conditioning.  It was no means luxurious, but the water pressure was minimal and we did have to clean up the cabin as we left, so that gave the trip the “roughing it” feel.  Mr. Beez, Baby Beez and I arrived on Friday night, and our friends arrived on Saturday.  We returned home today.  The trip was long enough to get a taste of the outdoors, but was short enough that we all had fun and did not get sick of each other.

The cabin had a nice little porch, where the kidlets could eat their breakfasts (without destroying the inside of the cabin), and where we grown ups spent some time relaxing and sipping whine while the kiddies napped.

We visited the campgrounds playground and pool, but this is also the week of the Big Butler Fair, which is one of my favorite events every summer!  We adventured with the kiddos to the fair in the early but HOT afternoon.  I had my corn dog and fried veggies.  We rode some rides and played some games! From the heat and carrying around small children, we quickly became tired, and returned back to camp after a couple hours for more rest.

Like maaaaaaa-ma like daughter! The animals are one of my favorite things about the fair, and Baby Beez loves them just as much as I do! She gleefully ran into each pen in the petting zoo, and enthusiastically pet the animals (sometimes too enthusiastically, but the animals were fine with it).

We also rode a few rides.  Baby Beez loves the carousel, but the Tilt-A-Whirl was a little too zoomy for her taste.

Baby Beez even had some fun with carnival games!

Later in the evening, we had a grand campfire! Mr. Beez and I had tried to light a fire on Friday night, but instead unsuccessfully spent the evening lighting a roll of paper towels on fire.  On Saturday night, however, Ben came to the rescue and successfully got the fire going!  Hooray for the campfire! Time for s’mores!!

One weekend was just enough time for camping, but I still feel like I need a “real” vacation (it’s coming up at the end of the month!  So close, yet so far away!)



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