Coriander India Bar and Grill

9 Jul

On Friday night I was beat.  Despite my better sense that Baby Beez has been a monster (i.e. a typical toddler) the last few times I took her out to eat, Mr. Beez and I agreed to try out Coriander India Bar and Grill.  It’s not too far from our house, and I’d heard good things about it, and had been anxious to visit.  Baby Beez sensed that we were hoping for a relaxing evening, and turned the beastie on full flare, limbs a-flailing, and at one point grabbing a handful of rice and tossing it on our table.  This behavior didn’t last long, because I took her over to look at the lovely fish tank, and she calmed down.  Once Mr. Beez finished his dinner (by himself), he took the beastie outside and then it was my turn to eat (by myself).  Really, seriously, no joke, we have to quit trying to get this kid to behave in a restaurant until she’s a little more grown up and has better impulse control.  All that being said, the staff at Coriander were gracious and patient (and we left a good tip).  Anyway, takeout ahoy!

I can never decide what to get at Indian restaurants, which is why I LOVE Indian buffets.  The buffet wasn’t open on Friday night, but they do offer combo platters, which is the next best thing.  I got the vegetarian combo.  This picture is terrible and out of focus because I was trying to wrangle a small child while taking it.  When it comes to Indian food, my palate is unsophisticated.  India Garden is our usual local go-to place, and I’ve tried maybe 3 other places ever.  I’m not good at comparing one place to another, and don’t have much of an idea of the range of these dishes, so all I can go on is whether something tastes good to me.  Also– Coriander offers dosas, which many Indian places do not.  If you don’t feel like making the haul out to Udipi in Monroeville to get your dosa fix, Coriander is a great option in the city.

All of the food in the combo was very good, with the exception of the paneer dish**, which was EXCELLENT. (**The menu said it was matar paneer, but I think it was actually palak paneer, since it was spinach and not peas) The texture was so fluffy and delicious, that the only way I could think to describe it is “marshmallowy.”  I had that meal days ago, and I keep thinking about that dish.  WANT MORE.  I think I’m going to have to get a take out order, or I will go crazy.

Mr. Beez had the aloo gobi, which is his usual go-to at Indian restaurants.  He described his dish as having “more complex” flavors than he’s usually tasted with aloo gobi.  Although he often quibbles with the accuracy of the spice level, he was very satisfied with his “7 of 10” spice.   We also ordered the aloo paratha, which was fluffy and buttery.  Bread stuffed with potatoes? Can’t go wrong!

Coriander does offer an Indian buffet, and I’m dying to go!  Indian buffets will be my downfall, because I eat and eat and eat until I am in physical pain. And then I take a break until the pain subsides, and then I eat MORE.  For a long time I did not like Indian food, but obviously this has changed, because my conduct at an Indian buffet evokes a certain scene from a certain Monty Python movie.  Mr. Beez is not so keen on Indian buffets, because in spice level they tend to go for the lowest common denominator and make the food not spicy (which is just how I like it!)  I am tempted to take a lunchtime field trip to Squirrel Hill for the buffet sometime, but the way I eat, the likelihood of me being functional upon return to work is none-to-none… who’s with me?
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