Baby’s First Trip to Littles

15 Jul

Littles Shoes is a Pittsburgh institution.  It has been around for about a million years, and despite Zappos and DSW putting the little man out of business, Littles has stayed strong.  I made the poor choice of buying Baby Beez discount sandals, and they lasted only a few weeks before she destroyed them.  It was time to take a wander down to Littles and get Baby Beez the real deal– a pair of sturdy, washable Keens.

That’s a terrible picture of me, but check out Baby Beez’ new kicks!

Baby Beez was scared of getting her feet measured.  The salesman was patient and clearly very experienced dealing with young moody children.  He even brought her some stickers!  It was nice to actually have someone helping us, as opposed to the DIY shoe purchase experience that is so common now.

After our shoe shopping, we made a stop over to Baskin Robbins for a sweet treat.

Baby Beez dug into her Salty Caramel ice cream with two spoons!


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