Sinful Sweets

18 Jul

A couple weekends ago, Mr. Beez, Baby Beez and I spent most of the day hanging out around the house. We did laundry, watched TV, and did all those kinds of exciting weekend-y things. As I am apt to do, in the late afternoon I got a little restless. I needed to go OUT. ANYWHERE. Just to do some THING.  Since it was hot out, it was a perfect day to get some ice cream!

We ventured over to Sinful Sweets Chocolate Company in Lawrenceville.  For some reason I had misiniformation about this place. I thought it was just a candy store selling various commercial candies.  Instead, it is a for-real chocolate shop, offering its own confections.  They also offer ice cream (I can’t recall the brand).  I was very pleased to see maple walnut on the menu, and that flavor did not disappoint.

They offer a number of cake pops, chocolate covered dried fruits and cookies, as well as chocolate bars and truffles.  I picked out a couple cake pops and an “antioxidant bar” (milk chocolate with dried fruit–cranberries, blueberries, and cherries I think).  I really enjoyed the chocolate bar, but didn’t find much about it that made it significantly stand out from other high quality chocolate bars. 

The cake pop flavors I picked were red velvet and carrot.  Cake pops aren’t really my thing to begin with, so I’m a poor judge of them.  I expect the consistency of cake, except cake pops never are the consistency of cake.  They are more firm than that, because the cake is all mashed up with icing to get that pop shape.  So all of this is to say that if you like cake pops, I think you’ll enjoy these…except I don’t much like cake pops, so maybe I don’t really know  (why did I order them? I think the heat went to my head).

Sinful Sweets is a perfectly capable and tasty chocolate shop.  The trouble is that in the local chocolates market, they’re always going to be measured up against Sarris.  I believe Sarris is truly exceptional, and that’s a tough competitor to be up against.  Sinful Sweets has a fun marketing angle, the products are high quality, and their products will make for fun “local” gifts (like for hostess gifts, bridesmaids gifts, etc.)


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