Martinis and Mashed Taters #mashtini

19 Jul

My friend Kelly invited me to a publicity event tonight promoting Bob Evans mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes aren’t a common party theme, but these potatoes were good and worth celebrating!  The party was hosted at Olive Or Twist’s swanky 2nd floor lounge.  The crowd was just the right size for the venue– the place was hoppin’, but not uncomfortably crowded.

The absolute best part of the party was the mashed potato bars.  There were generous servings of mashed potatoes, both white and sweet, with ample toppings and recipes to inspire.

They had fancy names for the combos, but I can’t remember them…the one on the left is topped with BBQ pulled pork, 2 kinds of cheese, and bacon. SO GOOD.  The taters on the right are topped with pesto, grilled chicken, marinated mushrooms and cheese.

The taters on the left here are taco themed, with taco meat, nacho cheese, salsa, sour cream and tortilla chips.  On the right are the sweet potatoes topped with bacon, candied pecans, and marshmallows.

This event was an all-around win situation. Seriously YOU CANNOT GO WRONG with mashed potatoes, and these were good ones.  They tasted like homemade, and I might even be able to convince my picky husband to eat them (or not, and that means more for me).  As an added bonus, they also crafted a martini menu to complement the mashtinis.  I had a pomegranate martini and a lime martini.  Mashed potatoes + martinis = happy all around.

Bob Evans’ Chef Dave also did a short demo where he put together a few of the mashtinis.

I was super, super full after eating 50 lobs of buttery mashed potatoes the event, but now that I’m looking at these pictures, I am HUNGRY again!

Now I want to throw a mashed potato party, just as an excuse to eat mashed potatoes with abandon.


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