Delanie’s Coffee

22 Jul

A friend who lives in the Sahside and knows of my interest in trying new places, and in great coffee shops, told me all about Delanie’s Coffee.  If I had an afternoon to burn, I’d love to spend it lounging at a coffee shop, reading a book, and sipping a cafe au lait.  I was a coffee shop expert in law school, and spent MANY full days studying for the bar exam various coffee shops, sampling both the shop’s breakfast and lunch wares.  Those days are long gone, and sadly most of my coffee shop visits are of the carry out variety.

If I were back in my study-hall days, Delanie’s would be just what I’d be looking for.  There is ample seating, plenty of light, a variety of food and coffee choices, and free wireless.  Although its location in the Southside is notorious for limited parking, that’s really only a problem at night.  I’ve never had trouble finding a place to park (and often without even the need of quarters) during daylight hours.

I was sorely caffeine deprived, and ordered myself a large cafe au lait.  I also got a “naughty chocolattie” cookie, which contains a smidgen of hot pepper and BBQ sauce.  After purchasing the cookie I worried that I just bought something inedible.  However, the cookie only had a tiny smidgen of spice, and tasted mostly of chocolate. It would have been nice to be able to hang out at Delanie’s for a bit, but my Saturday was chock-full of errands, and I only had time for a quick stop on my way home from my weekly Costco run.

Both the coffee and the cookie were good but not particularly stand-out.  I might not bother to go out of my way for carry out coffee from Delanie’s, but I would definitely return for the coffee house experience.  The size and welcoming feeling of the shop would be perfect for various literary events or meetups.  The shop is fairly new and still getting it’s legs.  I hope it finds a strong footing and succeeds.


One Response to “Delanie’s Coffee”

  1. cooking with audrey July 22, 2012 at 9:48 pm #

    my cousin’s name is delanie! i didn’t think there were any others in the world haha!

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