Osteria 100

6 Aug

Osteria 100 is a neat little eatery from the owners of Cioppino and Osteria 2350.  Osteria 100 is located on a newly-renovated portion of Point Park University’s campus, right on the Boulevard of the Allies.

New restaurant on Pittsburgh's Point Park campus

A couple weeks ago, my friend Christine suffered through the agony of taking the bar exam.   When you are taking the bar, food, breathing, personal hygiene, everything else on the universe takes a back seat to THE EXAM.  So that she would have enough sustenance to power through the exam, I offered to bring her a carb-filled lunch on test day.

On the short walk to pick up our take out, I discovered that the Point Park dance studio has a broad, bright window on the Boulevard.  I didn’t stay and watch the dancers because that would make me look like a creeper, but it was kind of cool to watch the dancers gracefully leap across the floor.

I ordered take out lunches of caesar salads (the mixed greens salad is apparently no longer available, sad, because it sounds great), and Riccolina (fede pasta, caramelized mushrooms, truffle oil, arugula, parmigiano reggiano) for me, and Spaghetti (fede pasta, meatballs braised in tomato sauce, parmigiano reggiano) for her.

I didn’t take pictures of the food itself because it was just packed in take out containers, so there wasn’t any exciting presentation.  My pasta perfectly hit the spot– the vegetables were fresh and just what I was looking for in a summertime lunch.  Christine’s spaghetti looked really good, too.  She didn’t have much of an appetite thanks to the bloodsucking bar exam.  I was so tempted to steal her pasta and gobble it down, but I was full on my own huge portion, and was also trying to maintain the illusion that I can function in polite society.

Osteria 100 has lovely outdoor seating, and even a waterfall!  The inside is modern and chic.  I stopped by at 11:40 am, so it was very quiet.  I imagine it livens up significantly for lunch and dinner.  I’m excited to go back for happy hour sometime to sample more of their offerings.
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