Bar Marco

8 Aug

Bar Marco is a new little place (in the Strip District building that formerly housed Embury/Firehouse) that focuses on handcrafted cocktails with homemade mixers, and locally sourced foods. With the Grains has posted lovingly about Bar Marco a few times recently, and was enamored with both its brunch offerings, and its dinner offerings. I was very excited to see that one of my firm’s Summer Associate events was planned for Bar Marco. The food and the cocktails did not disappoint.

What I liked most about Bar Marco is that its servers are knowledgeable. I wasn’t familiar with most of the cocktails on the menu, and I took the classy approach of pointing to the menu and asking “WHAT’S THAT?” The server had a keen handle on the drink as a whole, as well as its constituent parts, including detailed descriptions of what the various mixers are and how they are made, and how the drink itself is assembled.


This was the [Something I don’t remember] Rickey. The website menu shows a “Joe Rickey” but I’m fairly sure it was not that.  The drink was high quality but not quite to my taste.  The downfall of writing a post like 2 weeks after you visited a place is that you remember your general impressions, but not the specifics underlying those impressions.  So I can tell you this drink was not 100% my thing (maybe like 70% my thing) but I don’t remember why.



The Charcuterie plate is generous and delicious. The meats and cheeses were such high quality, and a range in flavor/texture. I could eat meats and cheeses all day.


THIS drink, the ‘treuse, was perfectly to my taste! It’s a little citrusy and a lot delicious. It’s the kind of drink that I liked so much that, on my next visit, I would be sorely tempted to only drink the ‘treuse, and not bother exploring the rest of the drink menu.


I had the mussels for dinner. The server explained that one of the seasonings fennel, except I don’t really like fennel, but he said this is the “fennel dish for people who don’t like fennel.” Amazingly, he was right. You don’t taste the fennel independently in the black liquorice sense. The fennel complements and enriches the other flavors. These were great mussels, although I must admit that once my companions’ plates arrived, I was a little sad that I did not order the boar dish. THAT looked AMAZING.

Compared to many other watering holes, the cocktail prices here are on the higher side (for the small size of the glass). However, the quality is incomparable, so it is well worth the price. Both the food and cocktail menus seem to rotate frequently, so each visit will be a new experience. I can’t wait to make it back there.

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3 Responses to “Bar Marco”

  1. withthegrains August 9, 2012 at 8:02 am #

    Glad you liked it! I understand how you feel about finding one winner cocktail and sticking to it. I was stuck on the Bar Marco Manhattan for a spell, but the bourbon lemonade broke my pattern. I definitely recommend it since you’re on the citrus kick.


  1. My Pittsburgh Weekend « BeezusKiddo - August 12, 2012

    […] feeling whimsical, I’d go for Doublewide Grill.  I really have to say I was IMPRESSED with Bar Marco, and sampling their brunch selection is a must for me, so that would be my number one pick […]

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