Saturday Morning Thoughts on Fashion

18 Aug

I’ve got a couple restaurant posts in the hopper, but for this Saturday, I’m lounging on the couch and window shopping online while Baby Beez watches the Wiggles (romp-omp-a-chomp!)  My mom is getting married in October, in a morning/brunch wedding, and she has asked her bridesmaids to wear grey.  I’ve been searching and searching and searching for something I like, and can also wear for later occasions (no organza, please), and FINALLY found this Collection lace dress from J.Crew:

And unlike the million other dresses I’ve seen online and liked, this one actually does come in my size!

I subscribe to entirely too many magazines (O, Lucky, Real Simple, Working Mother, Shape, SELF, Whirl, Pittsburgh Magazine and The Atlantic), and all but one of my subscriptions tempt, tempt, tempt me to head to the mall for new clothes.  With all the fall fashions starting to hit the magazines, I’m convinced I really do need a fuscia blazer. The Gap has one that I’m coveting.

Just yesterday I learned of Ruche.  WHERE have you been all my life? It’s similar in style to Anthropologie, but a heck of a lot cheaper.  I haven’t bought anything from there, so I can’t speak to the quality of the clothing, but I can say that I’ve been making everyone on Pinterest crazy this morning by pinning and pinning and pinning.

Sahara Stripes Dress from Ruche

It is also coming time for me to update my suits.  If I had my druthers, I’d wear dresses to work everyday.  However, I go to court and meet with clients a fair amount, and those occasions call for a suit.  The last time I bought suits was when I returned from maternity leave.  I didn’t plunk down a lot of cash, in the hope that I’d be shedding off pounds, and could buy nicer suits when I hit my goal weight.  Well, I’ve shed pounds, and even had those cheap suits altered, but I’m nowhere near my goal weight.

It’s now time to come to terms with the fact that I need nicer suits, and I shouldn’t condition high quality work wear on a weight goal that I’m not going to reach for a long time (if ever).  I’ve usually gotten my suits from Ann Taylor, but am considering either J. Crew or Talbots instead.  Talbots has a nice grey suit that you can get with a dress, skirt, or pants.  If I’m spending money on a decent suit, it can’t just be a jacket and pants OR a skirt.  I’ve got to be able to get it with both options.   Someday I’ll get a Brooks Brothers suit, but THAT is going to wait until I hit my goal weight.

Where is your go-to shop for suits?


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