Nicky’s Thai Kitchen

21 Aug

My friend Erin and I planned to check out the inaugural Food Truck Fridays in the Strip District on Friday, but the weather was rainy, and it’s not convenient to juggle an umbrella and a banh mi. We decided instead to venture to the Northside to try out Nicky’s Thai Kitchen.


Nicky’s dining room is tiny and loud, but we were lucky to only have to wait a few minutes for seats.  They also have outdoor garden seating (not so feasible on this rainy day).


Erin picked the “Thai Toasts” appetizer because we had never heard of anything like that (that’s my kind of selection process!) These were SO GOOD.  They’re bready and full of meat, and have this savory, comforting consistency.  I could easily eat these for my whole meal.  These are so good.


I tried to venture from my pumpkin curry/pad see ew comfort zone, and instead ordered Cashew Tofu.  The dish was decent, but a little too salty.  It was a satisfying lunch, but also encouraged me to stick with my tried and true favorites.  How delicious would pad see ew have been on such a dark rainy day?  VERY delicious, I tell you.  I guess I will just have to go back and order it.


I always feel like I’m playing hooky if I leave downtown during a workday.  It’s silly to feel like that, because it takes just as much time for me to drive to the Northside or Southside as it would take for me to walk down to Market Square.  I also have a lot of independence in time management.  I don’t have to clock in or clock out, I am responsible for my own time and productivity.  Still, I’ve got a deskbound mentality.  A change of scenery from time to time, and of course a delicious lunch, are always a nice change of pace.

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