How to Train Your Dragon Spectacular

26 Aug

When I first saw the advertisements for Dreamworks’ How to Train Your Dragon Spectacular, I thought it would be fun to take Baby Beez (who am I kidding, Baby Beez is a convenient excuse, but I’m the one who really wanted to go), but quickly put it out of my head because I’m still recovering from the massive money drain of vacation. Then Groupon ran a special, and I was sold. Ugh, I’m such a sucker for Groupons.


It was totally totally cool. There were puppet dragons and costume dragons and giant smoke breathing animatronic dragons. They made really neat use of video projection. At one point there was this fantastic scene where Hiccup runs all over the place, diving and jumping and swinging off ropes and hanging off cliffs. The video is so spectacular that you totally forget you’re watching some guy wave his arms in front of a wall. (Of course I get terribly motion sick, so I ended up dizzy and a little queasy, but even so it was still awesome).




Flash photography and video filming were not allowed, but the guys in the row in front of us did both anyway. And the Consol employee immediately in front of them said nothing! FOLLOW THE RULEZ, JERKS. Ugh, for serious. But even that, and the lack of coffee concessions for an 11am kids show (what WHAT?!) did not ruin my time. Not only was the show fabulous, but it was such a fun relief to get to take Baby Beez to an event where she could yell “MORE DRAGONS! MORE DRAGONS!” over and over, and it not disturb a soul. When we do go out with Baby Beez, we admittedly often make the mistake of trying to take her to events that she’s just not mature enough for. We have learned the hard way that baseball games are not toddler friendly. Most museums certainly aren’t toddler friendly. And even family friendly restaurants are a high stress debacle. It was nice to be at event where it was not a problem for her to be her crazy, squirmy self.






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