Food Truck Fridays! #FoodTruckFriday

31 Aug

It’s FRIDAY in Pittsburgh, and that means it is time for FOOD TRUCKS! Bar Marco in the Strip generously hosts Food Truck Fridays in its parking lot, to demonstrate that food trucks and brick-and-mortar restaurants can live together in harmony.

Mr. Beez, our friend David, and I ventured to the Strip to partake in the festivities last week.  The weather was gorgeous, and the food delicious.


In a horse-before-cart type maneuver, Fukuda sold grilled seafood delicacies, even though their restaurant has not yet opened.  We tried an order of the octopus balls (on the grill on the right), which were kind of like crabcakes except with octopus.  I liked that chewy pieces of octopus were distinct and flavorful. 


We were not shy.  On our table you can see grilled cheese WITH CHEESE DIPPING SAUCE (whut?!) from Oh My Grill,  the aforementioned octopus balls with fancy toppings from Fukuda, and an om nom nom so good banh mi from Lucy.  Yes, I know I can buy a banh mi from Lucy pretty much whenever, but those sandwiches are so good that I CANNOT pass one up.  Bonus– instead of trekking to the very crowded Strip for a banh mi on the weekend, parking is way easier on a Friday afternoon.


This lovely morsel is the Bar Marco burger, in this picture sliced in half.  It’s topped with grilled onions and is all kinds of amazing.  I packed a lunch for work today, but looking at this picture I am very very tempted to haul myself down to the strip to get one of these for lunch instead.


FRIENDS! I encourage you to support our local food trucks! I also encourage you to get a delicious cheap meal! So haul your backsides down to the Strip this afternoon, and get your lunch on!


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