DeLuca’s in the Strip

3 Sep

DeLuca’s is one of those Pittsburgh institutions that I was simply ashamed that I’ve never visited, despite now living in the ‘burgh for more than TWELVE YEARS.  I had brunch plans with some of my lovely lady friends, and suggested DeLuca’s to finally remedy this shortfall in my Pixburgh credibility.


We planned for a 9:30 brunch (breakfast?) on a Sunday. Dude, that’s early for a weekend. But DeLuca’s is known for long lines, and we managed to bypass that problem by getting there so early. By the time we left, the line was well out the door and wrapped its way down the sidewalk.

DeLuca’s is staffed by the typical surly diner waitress types.  It adds to the charm.  Like Pamela’s, DeLuca’s is annoyingly cash only, but there are several ATM’s very close by. One of my least favorite part of Pamela’s is getting yelled at by the hostess, and not being seated until everyone in your party has arrived.  DeLuca’s will seat you if you’re still waiting for people, which is VERY much appreciated for a restaurant in the Strip District, where the parking is always dicey, and despite rigid planning and best intentions, it’s impossible for your party to all get there around roughly the same time.


DeLuca’s menu is HUGE. They have all kinds of eggs, pancakes, etc. offerings. They had something like 6 different kinds of Benedicts. I chose the California Benedict, with avocado and tomato and a pesto hollandaise.  It was so good.  The menu also has a huge selection of ice cream sundae pancakes, but my stomach just couldn’t handle that much sugar in the morning. I NEED to go back there to try those out sometime soon.

The only area where I think Pamela’s has a leg up on DeLuca’s is in the homefries department.  Pamela’s Lyonnaise Potatoes are unmatched by any breakfast potato I’ve ever tried. (Caveat: I’m not much of a pancake person, so I’m not getting into the Pamela’s crepe pancakes vs. other pancakes discussion).  But DeLuca’s massive selection, the delicious quality of their comfort breakfast foods, their willingness to seat our party while some members (me) were still on their way, and their willingness to split the bill without a hassle, all make DeLuca’s my preferred diner.


What camp do you fall in? Pamela’s or DeLuca’s? Or do you have a different favorite Pittsburgh diner entirely?

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One Response to “DeLuca’s in the Strip”

  1. never been there, but spent many late nights at Jo Joe’s in the strip before they moved to the new location. I hope I just did not date myself 🙂

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