The chronic-whut-cles of Waffall-o-nia

11 Sep

On Sunday I asked for brunch recommendations on facebook, and got multiple glowing recommendations for Waffallonia. Sadly that was not to be for Sunday, since Waffallonia doesn’t have the seating accomodations we were looking for, and also I had already been there five days prior. With all that sugar and deliciousness, I’d probably die if I ate there twice in one week.

Our visit to Waffallonia was unplanned. I was proudly making a cabbage casserole for dinner (like stuffed cabbage, just in casserole form), but it FAILED miserably. The rice didn’t cook at all. It physically pains me to dump out food, but unless we planned to break our teeth, this had to be done.

Naturally, the only remedy for this tragedy was to gorge ourselves on Liege waffles and ice cream instead.


I’d visit Waffallonia for their ice cream selection alone. It’s a small selection, but it’s Dave & Andy’s (the BEST), and all flavors that I love, including Chocolate, cinnamon, and speculoos (an amazing gingerbready-cookie type ice cream).


They make the glorious sweet-with-pearl-sugar waffles while you wait. Waffallonia smells like heaven. Then the hot waffles are topped with your choice of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, or other fruit or syrup toppings. It’s simple. It’s perfect.


Someone was very excited about the “ICE CREAAAAAAAAAAAM!”

Almost enough for me to want to ruin another dinner, so we can go back…

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One Response to “The chronic-whut-cles of Waffall-o-nia”

  1. Jill September 11, 2012 at 9:32 am #

    I was there once. I dream about those waffles. Must go back soon.

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