Savoy lunch at the August Wilson Center

18 Sep

If you have happened to stroll down Liberty Avenue sometime this summer, you may have noticed lunchtime diners munching contendedly on the front patio of the August Wilson Center for African American Culture.  This has been a summer long program by Savoy Restaurant, in which Savoy serves delicious and extremely reasonably priced lunches on Thursday afternoons.  Word on the street is that the Thursday lunches were originally scheduled to end at the close of August, but have been extended through the end of September, so you still have a chance to stop by!

For a mere $10 you get an entree and drink (and sandwiches come with chips).  Offerings vary from week to week but have included ribs, salmon, and various sandwiches.  We’re talking a high quality lunch, not a soggy sandwich in a baggie.  Desserts run an extra $5, but are well worth the extra charge.

I tried out the fish tacos, which were flavorful and light.  The food is pre-made, kept hot, and delivered quickly.  That involves the risk of dishes getting soggy, but Savoy has mastered this delivery and the food had the same texture and quality as though it were fresh out of the kitchen.


For dessert I had the sweet potato cheesecake.  $5 seemed a bit steep in proportion to the cost of the whole meal and because the slice was fairly small, but ultimately the price was well worth it.  The cheesecake was deliciously rich with some extra sweetness and spice from the sweet potato.  The sweet potato was not overwhelming, this was definitely more cheesecake than sweet potato, but complemented the cheesecake beautifully.


The real star of the show was the mango lemonade.  The afternoon we were there, mango lemonade and watermelon lemonade were on tap.  It was a hot day, which makes a cool drink even more spectacular, but in any weather this mango lemonade is something truly special.  Lemonade tends to be either too sweet or too tart for me.  Thanks to the mango, this lemonade did not overdo it on either end of the spectrum.  I really hope Savoy serves the mango lemonade at their restaurant as well (and what an excellent cocktail mixer it would be!) because it is fabulous.
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