Vedge Restaurant, Philadelphia

3 Oct

A few years ago, Sandy and I went to this AMAZING vegan gourmet restaurant in Philly called Horizons. Seriously, the meal there was up in my top 10 list of best meals I’ve had. Then Horizons closed, and it broke my heart. But then, the owners opened a new enterprise– VEDGE in Center City.

People look at me in surprise when I put the words “vegan” and “gourmet” together. I suppose people equate vegan foods with salads and gritty lentil dishes, but Vedge proves that vegan cuisine is so, so much more than that.

My friend Aubrey and I ventured to Vedge on Monday evening.  I took pictures of our selections. The shame is, the photos do not adequately convey the amazingness that are Vedge’s brilliant dishes. The flavors are so savory and complex. The textures are phenomenal. Amazing, simply amazing amazing amazing.



Olives and pickles platter


Sweet potato pate, and chard with carrots and tomatoes


Mushrooms (left) and beets (right)


These dishes were the true standouts of the evening! On the left is eggplant brasciole– hearty and savory and perfectly seasoned! On the right are brussels sprouts.  When the dish arrived at the table, I was disappointed by the appearance. I thought it was going to be some blah brussels sprouts slaw. Oh NO.  These are AMAZING.  They’re shredded and roasted and smokey and perfect.  I could eat these two dishes all day, every day for the rest of my life.

The prices were reasonable for a truly gourmet meal.  Despite our meal containing no meat, dairy, or eggs, we were truly stuffed when we left.  Vedge is perfect for a date night, or just a special meal.  No joke, I’d drive all the way back across the state just to have another meal there.

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One Response to “Vedge Restaurant, Philadelphia”

  1. laceyjbrown October 3, 2012 at 10:04 pm #

    Slowly chipping away at the crazy vegan stereotypes. Yay! I eat vegan food (i.e., food) every day all day and I love it!

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