Let’s Talk Halloween

5 Oct

Now that we’re 5 days into October, I no longer feel like it’s obnoxiously early to talk Halloween.  This is the first year that Baby Beez is actually going to know what the heck is going on, and I’m SUPER EXCITED about it. I was very tense on all things related to costume selection.  I was worried she would want to dress as a princess or mermaid or something obnoxiously girly (I’m not the obnoxiously girly type)…or worse, something involving Caillou. Yuck.

Well we got a costume catalog in the mail, and that kid POUNCED.  She looked through all the pictures.  I directed her to the toddler section, where she could choose from all her favorites!  There was Elmo! And Cookie Monster! And Nemo!  And my darling daughter immediately seized upon DJ LANCE ROCK!

She carried that catalog around for DAYS, and repeatedly pointed to the tiny Yo Gabba Gabba DJ costume, and pointed and shouted “GABBA! GABBA! GABBA!”  I resisted at first.  This is a kid that tears off hats and only wears sunglasses for moments at a time (and they’re always upside down).  A costume depending on a signature hat and glasses for recognizability might be a bad choice.  I suggested the Nemo costume. She loves Nemo, and she would still be recognizable without the fin-hat.  But she was insistant.  Day after day with the catalog and “GABBA! GABBA! GABBA!”

I ordered her DJ Lance Rock costume.  It came in the mail along with a musical light up Yo Gabba Gabba toy boombox I splurged on.  I was excited to dress her in it.  I put the hat on her, and she immediately chucked it across the room.  I tried to coax her into the shirt, and she screamed “nooooo!” 

So she loves the costume, she just doesn’t like being in the costume.  I hope that changes in the next 26 days.

We only get about 3 kids per year at our house for trick or treating, so this year we will leave a candy bowl on the porch, and take Baby Beez out around Greenfield in Squirrel HIll (so that she can collect candy for her parents to eat).  I am very tempted to get myself a Muno costume, but suspect that would push the limit from “funny” to “creepy.”

Are you or your kids dressing up this year?  What will be your costume?


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