Mercurio’s Pizza

10 Oct

Some local radio station had a “best pizza in the ‘Burgh” contest recently. I’m a radio station flipper (I can’t stand commercials or morning radio show hosts), so I don’t remember what station it was on or who all the contestants were. All I remembered was that Mercurio’s won, so naturally I had to eat there. Better yet, LivingSocial ran a deal there, so we could go for a family outing at a discount!


Mercurio’s specializes in gelato and Neapolitan-style wood fired pizza. It was tasty pizza, but it was also a very specialized kind of pizza. I knew it would be something totally different than what I’d expect from the usual delivery joint. Since it’s so different, I don’t know how you could really compare it against the typical pizza joint pizza.

Mercurio’s pizza is topped with crushed tomatoes (instead of pizza sauce) and fresh vegetables and meats. Baby Beez and I shared the Regina Margherita pizza, and I loved the thick globs of fresh mozzarella.


Mercurio’s is clearly concerned with quality. Everything is fresh and flavorful. The service was also excellent. Despite it being very busy, our server was attentive and friendly. I would definitely return to Mercurio’s whenever I have a craving for this style of pizza. It was definitely very good, just very different from what I’m looking for when I’m craving some pizza to go along with a cold Yuengling, yinzer style.

Mercurio's on Urbanspoon


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