Voting Accomplished

6 Nov

I vote at probably the friendliest, most charming polling place in the state.  My neighborhood is an old millworker neighborhood, and the polls are staffed with friendly little old ladies.  There is never a line, and there are never people out front hassling you.  I was all fired up and ready to refuse to show my photo ID, but they were so busy fussing over my sick (but still cute) kid that they didn’t even ask me.  Voting was fun and went smoothly.

I remember being in high school and moaning that I haaaaaated politics, and thinking that politics is all rich bossy people shouting at each other.  I remember being assigned to write reports on current events in 11th grade, and thinking how boooooooring it was.

Being disinterested in politics is incredibly immature.  As citizens, it is our right and responsibility to vote. Politics are intertwined in every level of daily life, whether you are conscious of it or not.  And yes, it’s true that one vote doesn’t have a loud voice, but it has some voice.  And it’s your responsibility to make sure it is heard.


One Response to “Voting Accomplished”

  1. Viki November 6, 2012 at 12:27 pm #

    I so agree. People the world round die to vote, the least we can do is educate ourselves and vote.

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