#BlogMob at Construction Junction .@cjreuse and Pgh Center for Creative Reuse .@creative_reuse

11 Nov

Construction Junction and the Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse graciously hosted our BlogMob visit this past week. The event included a behind-the-scenes tour of the CJ warehouse, discussions with reps from both CJ and PCCR, and joining PCCR for their monthly “meet and make” crafting session and potluck. Unfortunately, work was calling, and I was not able to stay for the crafting/potluck. It looked like a fun and FREE event. They hold it monthly, on the 2nd Thursday of each Month. I’m going to work on getting some of my friends together, or maybe my book club, to go there for a visit sometime. Who can resist an evening of crafting, food, and friendly conversation?

The PCCR is a gem, and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it sooner.  Their inventory is completely donated art/crafts supplies (or things that can be used in arts & crafts) and are sold at very low prices.  They also offer many crafting classes. Upcoming classes include bookbinding, and making a lampshade out of slides (a local university digitized their art slide collection, and donated boxes upon boxes of the now obsolete artwork slides to PCCR).




PCCR is a perfect resource for artists, scouting troops, or other groups with an interest in arts or creativity to either get supplies, or to gather there for an activity.  PCCR is also a perfect location for a social action project– they are largely volunteer run, and they receive way more donations than they have the staff or volunteer base to sort through. PCCR is always in need, if you can donate a couple hours to sort through things.

Next, we went on a tour of Construction Junction.  CJ is Pittsburgh’s first nonprofit building materials reuse retailer.  A lot of their offerings are used/amusingly vintage, but a lot of them are like-new quality too.  If you’re doing a major remodeling project at home, your first stop should be CJ to see what they have that could fit your needs.


CJ received a huge quantity of good-quality dorm furniture from a local university.  Nonprofits in need of furniture (shelters, etc) are welcome to apply to CJ for a furniture donation.


CJ also partners with Goodwill to offer job skills training.  This is the setup for the training.


You would not believe the quantity of church pews that CJ has in stock.  I kind of want one.


Toilets are just funny.

Both CJ and PCCR were very gracious hosts of our BlogMob event.  Both of these organizations are working hard to promote a culture of reuse in Pittsburgh. The true scope of their work isn’t easily described, and both are worth a visit so you can see for yourself.  This BlogMob was also a nice opportunity to get together with fellow bloggers BeckyTiffany, Steve, Bunny from Right on the Walls, and Sue.  Sorry I couldn’t stick around longer to chat, folks. Next time!


2 Responses to “#BlogMob at Construction Junction .@cjreuse and Pgh Center for Creative Reuse .@creative_reuse”

  1. Jenny November 11, 2012 at 9:33 pm #

    This fascinates and inspires me, there has to be something like this in the greater LA area. What my nonprofit really needs is a way to be networked to resources like CJ. We need lots of weird odds and ends and it would be great if the donors and the nonprofits that need their stuff could be better connected.

  2. laceyjbrown November 13, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    What a great combo outing! People are just so creative.

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