Come ON.

13 Nov

Seriously, I don’t know how you people with multiple kids do it.  I’ve got one kid, and I’m about out of my mind.  I have friends who have said “I don’t know how you work such a busy job, and manage to do things around the city and spend time with your kid!”  Most of the time it’s just hectic, but fine.

Then there are weeks like this one and I think I must be out of my mind.

In litigation, things tend to go in cycles.  There will be several months of mellow time, where things are going smoothly with all your cases, and you can go on lunch dates and even work out now and then, and you’re getting all your work done, and all the clients are happy.

Then suddenly (usually around the end of summer), everything goes into a complete tizzy, and EVERY SINGLE CASE (all of which are completely unrelated mind you) ramp up simultaneously.  And it is complete chaos.

And then EVERY SINGLE THING at your husband’s job also manages to simultaneously ramp up. And that is DOUBLE complete chaos.

And then your kid keeps getting sick over and over.

Like today. When I started my billable day at 4:30am, finished things up at 9:30 pm, only to have to go pick up my kid from my husband’s work, where she was cuddled up snoozing in a corner, and wait for it….HAS CROUP.

I kid you not, she was just sick last week, throwing up all over the place last Tuesday. And now has croup. In the middle of the insane work season.  Because this is what I need right now.


But lets backtrack a minute….

It’s time to be grateful that the husband and I have the insane jobs.

And it’s time to be grateful that even though the kid manages to pick up every single childhood germ, she’s in generally good health.

And it’s time to be grateful that even though there’s no way I can miss work tomorrow to stay home with the sick kid, I know between the husband and I and possibly begging and pleading some family and friends, we’ll figure something out (even though I literally have no idea what it is at this moment).

And even though life and work and everything is completely in-sane in the membrane, it’s time to be grateful that in the bigger picture, everything is generally OK.

And now it’s time to snuggle that coughing baby, so she can feel a little better.


One Response to “Come ON.”

  1. laceyjbrown November 14, 2012 at 6:20 pm #

    Poor baby. 😦 Hope she does better tonight!

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