Quick Rundown of My Recent Kids-Movie-a-Thon

16 Nov

Baby Beez is a mama’s girl.  When she’s feeling fine, she wants to snuggle with me and sit on my lap and climb all over me.  When she’s not feeling well, she wants to snuggle with me and sit on my lap all the time.  I love that she is comforted by me, and that I can make her happy, but after a while it can be overwhelming.  This weekend, for my birthday, I’m doing all kinds of grown up things that I want to do, like a yoga class and spa treatments and hanging out with grown up friends.  Baby Beez will be hanging out with her grandparents, and having a great time.  And I won’t feel the least bit like I’m neglecting her, since I’ve spent the last four days snuggling that baby nonstop (she’s much better, and no longer in constant need of snuggles).

My knowledge of recent kids movies has increased exponentially this week.  Here’s a rundown:


Although based on the classic save-the-princess fairy tale of Rapunzel, the princess in Tangled was a lot more empowered and clever than in the original.  There was some singing, but it wasn’t too obnoxious, and the jokes weren’t irritatingly punchy. There were some funny scenes with the goofy horse and band of misfit pub regulars.  Both Baby Beez and I enjoyed this movie, and I wouldn’t mind if it went into regular rotation on our TV.

Puss in Boots

Baby Beez loved this movie, and kept talking about it as “the kitty cat movie!”  I love Shrek, but this spin off was kind of terrible. With the exception of Patton Oswalt’s piercing voice as Humpty Dumpty, I was able to tune out most of the movie.

Treasure Buddies

Words cannot describe how awful this movie is.


I wish that I would have paid more attention while this is on, because it looked pretty good.  Baby Beez was very interested in it for the beginning, but her interest gradually tapered (probably because there aren’t singing and dancing cats).  I think that if we revisit this film in another two or three years, she’ll really love it.

Oliver & Company

An oldie and goodie.  And of course, its got singing and dancing cats and dogs, so Baby Beez was happy.  And with Billy Joel songs, I of course was happy too. Why should I worry? Why should I ca-a-a-a-are?

One Response to “Quick Rundown of My Recent Kids-Movie-a-Thon”

  1. laceyjbrown November 17, 2012 at 12:46 pm #

    Can’t wait to see Brave! It looks so good!

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